Aluminium Sliding Window
Aluminium Sliding Window

Horizontal Sliding

Available in various ranges and configurations to suit any project requirements.


  • By far the most popular sliding window due to its favourable price point
  • The panels are assembled with straight cuts giving a square and modern look
  • Eagle Aluminium also has a unique triple track system to allow for maximum opening

1000 Series

  • A high end sliding window which gives a sleek European impression
  • These sashes are assembled with a mitre cut in the corner
  • Triple track allows for maximum opening


  • Designed to match the palace door system
  • Replace glass with a louvre insert and create a 5 star shutter system
  • Additional security as it comes with a keyed cylinder and hook lock

Product Info

  • Available in 500 Series (limited stock), Elite, 100 Series, Palace Multi, Palace Multi with Y Louvre insert

Vertical Sliding

The vertical sliding window operates with spring balances for smooth operation.


  • Both sashes slide to allow optimal ventilation
  • Add a colonial bar and transform this window to match your country style home
  • This window can be framed to compliment any hinged or palace door products

Vistafold Folding Windows

Bring the outside indoors with unobstructed views of varying widths


  • This tough and durable sliding folding window is designed to meet the high standards of upmarket projects
  • Allows maximum opening, as panels fold and stack to one or two sides
  • Perfect for entertainment areas with serving hatches
  • Insert a louvre into this system and create an added security barrier or simply a 5 star shutter system

Vista Duo Fold

A recent addition to the Eagle Aluminium range, the Vista Duo has grown in popularity.


  • Similar to the Vista, however, this window caters for narrower openings, which may require even numbered panels
  • Window has internal access only, thereby reducing risk of any forced entry
  • Well suited for higher floors as the active leaf does not open outwards.